A Science4Peace initiative: Alleviating the consequences of sanctions in international scientific cooperation

Tuesday, 12. March 2024 01:00


The armed invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation has adversely affected the relations between Russia and Western countries. Among other aspects, it has put scientific cooperation and collaboration into question and changed the scientific landscape significantly. Cooperation between some Western institutions and their Russian and Be- larusian partners were put on hold after February 24, 2022. The CERN Council decided at its meeting in December 2023 to terminate cooperation agreements with Russia and Belarus that date back a decade.

CERN is an international institution with UN observer status, and has so far played a role in international cooperation which was independent of national political strategies.

We argue that the Science4Peace idea still has a great value and scientific collabora- tion between scientists must continue, since fundamental science is by its nature an in- ternational discipline. A ban of scientists participating in international cooperation and collaboration is against the traditions, requirements and understanding of science.

We call for measures to reactivate the peaceful cooperation of individual scientists on fundamental research in order to stimulate international cooperation for a more peaceful world in the future. Specifically, we plead for finding ways to continue this cooperation through international organizations, such as CERN and JINR.