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Wednesday, 12 Oct, 17:00-18:30  - NoFirstUse

The situation in Europe is escalating and there is an ongoing discussion on the use of nuclear weapons.
While some people think, this is just a bluff, we cannot take the risk, as there is no way back.
IPPNW and other scientist organizations warn since long on the use of nuclear weapons.
As scientists we should speak up, and make people aware of the danger.

There are campaigns asking governments to declare NO-FIRST-USE of nuclear weapons [1]. 
An interesting proposal and discussion is happening in the Union Of Concerned Scientists (US) [2].
We will discuss, whether we can launch an international campaign of scientists to call our
governments to declare NO-FIRST-USE, perhaps together with other groups.

We will have M. Albrecht from the German "Naturwissenschaftler fur den Frieden" and perhaps 
IPPNW joining our meeting and providing input. 

Please communicate this invitation to everybody interested.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing you on Wednesday


Slides at Meeting:


M. Albrecht (Naturwissenschaftlerinitiave)

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