Science4Peace Forum

Science4Peace Forum

Meeting of the Science4Peace Forum 

Wednesday, 11. Jan 2022, 17:00 (CET) on ZOOM

We will hear:
- from Yurii Sheliazhenko on the situation in Ukraine (
- from Chuck Johnson (IPPNW) on activities of IPPNW against nuclear war
- from Josef Muehlbauer on the Varna Institute for Peace Research ( (after 18:00)

and we will discuss:
- status and next steps for appeal "No First Use, Never Any Use of Nuclear Weapons
- plans for 2023


- News, discussion on Appeal, and Panel discussion: One year sanctions (slides) (Hannes)

- War on Ukraine (slides) (Yurii Sheliazhenko)

- Varna Institute for Peace Research (Josef Muehlbauer)

- Coal mine conflict in Luezerath (Michael) (further infos:,

- extraction from ZOOM-chat