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Conflict in Middle East Israel - Palestine. A round table discussion

We were all shocked about the outbreak of violence and the killing of people last weekend in Israel-Gaza. We condemn in strongest terms the violence and our thoughts are with all the families and relatives of those who were killed or hurt.

As scientists we work together with people from different regions of the world, and we see our cooperation and collaboration as a contribution to peace.

In a round table discussion we want to reflect and discuss the present and past situation in the Middle East, to hear different voices and we want to discuss, how this can affect scientific cooperation.

Dr Margret Johannsen (Senior Research Fellow at ISFH Hamburg with focus on arms dynamics in the Middle East and the Palestine conflict will give a short introduction.

Wednesday, 18. Oct 2023, 5 pm (ZOOM only)  or


Ron Leshem on Hamas attack: The little innocence that was left might be dead

Judith Butler on the terror of Hamas and the history of violence 

Letter to APS Community Regarding Conflict in Israel and Gaza

- Message of Peace by Daniel Barenboim (englishgerman) (in Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 2023-10-15)

Science, a universal language for peace (M. Bona, 2019) and the link to the concert

- Article by D. Barenboim in Sueddeutsche Zeitung (2023-10-13) (germanenglish)

- Message by Adam Keller (Gush Shalom) on 9 November Progroms 1938 (link)

Intro Slides

Talk: Events In Israel 2023-10-7-14 by Dr Margret Johannsen (textaudio)