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Sanctions in Science - One year of sanctions. A virtual panel discussion

It is now more than a year, that Russia invaded Ukraine. After 24 Feb 2022 many science organizations and institutes in the western countries imposed sanctions on scientific cooperation with Russian and Belorussian scientists, ranging from banning all common publications to replacing the affiliations of Russian scientists. In the discussion on scientific cooperation, some scientists question even the ideas that science can act as a driver for peace and that science can build bridges. 

The Science4Peace Forum, together with Naturwissenschaftler:innen für Frieden und Zukunftsfähigkeit e.V. and W&F - Wissenschaft & Frieden, invite for a virtual panel discussion:

Sanctions in Science - One year of sanctions 


April 12, 2023, 5pm (CEST)

with the panel:

  • Dr Michael Brzoska (ISFH Hamburg)
  • Dr Alexander Glazov (Particle Physics, BELLE II, DESY)
  • Charles K. Johnson (Program Director of IPPNW international)
  • Dr Götz Neuneck (Vereinigung deutscher Wissenschaftler VDW, Co-chair and Pugwash)
  • Dr Clara Portela (Faculty of Law, University of Valencia)
  • Dr Natasa Raicevic (Particel Phyiscs, CMS, University of Montenegro)
  • Dr Michel Spiro (President of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics, IUPAP, and chair of the board of the CERN&Society foundation)
  • Dr Jürgen Scheffran (Geography, University of Hamburg, NatWiss, VDW)
  • Dr Ernst von Weizsäcker (Honorary President of Club of Rome)

The discussion will be moderated by Dr John Ellis (King’s College London, CERN)

We want to discuss with experts how sanctions work, conditions for successful sanctions, the effect of sanctions in science in the different fields, but also ways out and the future of international collaboration.

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Recording of Event (Science4Peace Forum YouTube)

Dossier - Writeup (published on 2023-11-07 on arXiv )

Proceedings of Science4Peace contribution at EPS 2023 in Hamburg