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Science4Peace Initiative: CERN and international cooperation

At the CERN council meeting 18-22 March 2024 a decision on the future Cooperation Agreement with JINR is expected.

We have prepared a paper draft to discusx the consequences of the council decision from Dec 2023 to not continue cooperation agreements with Russia and Belarus.

Within the big LHC experiments, a discussion on the consequences of this decision on the future of the experiments is ongoing. With the paper, we want to collect arguments against the council decision and propose ideas where each scientist can contribute to the Science4Peace idea.

In the next Science4Peace Forum on 

Thursday 7. March 2024, 5pm (Please note the unusual day)  or

we will discuss the present structure of paper draft as well as action items, and decide whether and when to publish.

Please also take note of an article in the "Geneva Observer", writing about the CERN councils decision and linking to our Science4Peace Forum.

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