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Science4Peace: Protests against Gaza war at universities

The war in Gaza, following the attack of Hamas in Oct 2023 with death of about 1200 people, mostly civilians, and with the military offensive of Israel that killed about 35 000 people in Gaza, mostly women and children, must stop immediately. 

The Science4Peace Forum is clearly positioned against this war (and every other war) and sees science and scientific cooperation in peaceful research as a way for communication to understand the narratives of the others.


We are supporting any protest against the war, especially in the science sector while the Science4Peace Forum is clearly against any racism, nationalism and anti-semitism. While it is clear, that we all demand an immediate ceasefire and a lasting solution that Israelis and Palestinians can in live in peace together, we would like to discuss how this can be achieved and which role scientists could play.


The Science4Peace Forum has positioned itself very clearly and strongly against sanctions in the science sector affecting Russian scientists, participating in peaceful research. We would like to hear and discuss effective means in science to protest against the war.


We will have Round Table discussion on

Protests against Gaza war at universities

Wednesday 15. May 5 pm (CEST)  on ZOOM  or

We will hear contributions from:

- Adam Keller (Gush Shalom, Peace Movement, Tel Aviv)

- Inna Michaeli, Shir Hever (Jewish Voice for just Peace in Middle East)

- Protests at different universities

- and others

We plan to record the discussion session to make it later available on our Science4Peace YouTube channel.


- Recording of discussion

- News

- Open letter against EU-nuclear Weapons (ICAN)