Science4Peace: Peacebuilding science - what is it ?

Wednesday, 3. April 2024

We'll have our next Science4Peace Forum on 
Wednesday, 3. April 2024, 5pm CEST (please note we have summer time)

Science4Peace Initiative: Reaction on arXiv article

Wednesday, 20. March 2024

We'll have our next Science4Peace Forum on 
Wednesday, 20. March 2024, 5pm CET  or

Science4Peace Initiative: CERN and international cooperation

Thursday, 7. March 2024

At the CERN council meeting 18-22 March 2024 a decision on the future Cooperation Agreement with JINR is expected.
We have prepared a paper draft...

Science4Peace Initiative - how to react on CERN council decision ?

Tuesday, 20. February 2024

The decision of the CERN council in Dec 2023 to stop cooperation agreement with Russia and Belarus has enormous consequences for the near and far future. 

Science4Peace Initiative: Reaction on CERN council decision

Wednesday, 7. February 2024

In Dec 2023 the CERN council decided to stop the International Cooperation Agreements with Russia and Belarus. 
This historical wrong and bad decision...

Our Suicide War with Nature: Welcome on the Titanic (watch tower)

Wednesday, 24. January 2024

The first Science4Peace Forum in 2024 on
Wednesday, 24. Jan 2024, 5pm (CET) on ZOOM  or

Discussion of general items and recap of 2023

Wednesday, 13. December 2023

Next and last meeting in 2023 of the Science4Peace Forum on Wednesday, 13. Dec 2023, 17:00 (CEST) on ZOOM  or

Humanitarian Impacts of Nuclear Weapons Use in Northeast Asia: Implications for Reducing Nuclear Risk in the Region

Wednesday, 29. November 2023

by Prof Tatsujiro SUZUKI
chair: M. Bona 

29 Nov 2023, 1 pm (CET)
virtual event - ZOOM only
please register at:

Science4Peace Forum: AI and nuclear war risk

Wednesday, 15. November 2023

Artificial Intelligence and Nuclear War Risk 

15 Nov 2023, 5 pm (CET)

by Prof Karl Hans Bläsius

virtual event - ZOOM...

Science4Peace Forum: Nuclear disarmament - discussion with Ambassador L. Bencini

Wednesday, 8. November 2023

Nuclear Disarmament
Ambassador Leonardo Bencini

8 Nov 2023, 5 pm (CET)
chair: Maurizio Bona 
(Former Advisor of the Director-General...