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Prevent nuclear MADness in Europe

Saturday, 1. June 2024

The Science4Peace Forum has released an update to the appeal "No First Use, Never Any Use od Nuclear Weapons":
In November 2022, the Science4Peace Forum,...

Appeal: No First Use, Never Any Use of Nuclear Weapons

Wednesday, 23. November 2022

No First Use, Never Any Use of 
Nuclear Weapons
(sign here on
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Petition: Stop the escalation spiral

Sunday, 1. May 2022

Scientists have launched a petition to stop the escalation spiral.
The petition text is here.
A german verison of the petition text is here.

Letter to DESY directorate

Thursday, 3. March 2022

Letter of Scientists to DESY directorate on scientific restrictions
A letter was send to the DESY directorate on the day of a public discussion organised...