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Science4Peace: Pacifism - a Defense

Monday, 23. January 2023

Wednesday, 25. Jan 2022, 17:00 (CET) on ZOOM are very happy to welcome 
Prof. Dr Olaf Mueller (Philosophy of Science at Humboldt University, Berlin) to talk about
Pacifism - a defense 
O. Mueller...

Science4Peace Forum

Wednesday, 11. January 2023

Meeting of the Science4Peace Forum 
Wednesday, 11. Jan 2022, 17:00 (CET) on ZOOM will hear:- from Yurii Sheliazhenko on the situation in Ukraine (- from Chuck Johnson (IPPNW) on activities of IPPNW against...

Appeal "No first use, never any use of nuclear weapons" next steps

Wednesday, 7. December 2022

Wednesday, 7 Dec, 17:00-18:30  - Appeal "No first use, never any use of nuclear weapons" next steps appeal is now online since 2 weeks [1].We will discuss how to proceed with the appeal.[1]

Appeal "No first use, never any use of nuclear weapons" goes public

Wednesday, 23. November 2022

We will have our next meeting of the Science4Peace Forum on:
Wednesday, 23 Nov, 17:00-18:30  - Appeal: no-any use of nuclear weapons will hear a short report from Chris Rostampour from the Physicists...

Appeal: no-any use of nuclear weapons

Thursday, 10. November 2022

we will have our next meeting of the Science4Peace Forum on:
Thursday, 10 Nov, 17:00-18:30  - Appeal: no-any use of nuclear weapons
(Please note the unusual day !), 9. November is a day,...

Appeal: no use of nuclear weapons

Wednesday, 26. October 2022

Next meeting of the Science4Peace Forum:
Wednesday, 26 Oct, 17:00-18:30  - Appeal: no use of nuclear weapons the threat of the use nuclear weapons, scientists like anybody else, cannot stay silent. We...

Science4Peace: NoFirstUse

Wednesday, 12. October 2022

Wednesday, 12 Oct, 17:00-18:30  - NoFirstUse situation in Europe is escalating and there is an ongoing discussion on the use of nuclear weapons.While some people think, this is just a bluff, we cannot take...

Science4Peace: recent developments

Wednesday, 28. September 2022

Wednesday, 28 Sept, 17:00-18:30  - recent developments will hear from news from the Ukrainian Pacifist Movement  and we will discuss the new developments in Russia. We will  also discuss, what can be done...

Science4Peace: publication strategies at LHC

Wednesday, 14. September 2022

Wednesday, 14 Sept, 17:00-18:30  
Publication strategies the past weeks, the 4 LHC experiments have proposed options how to deal with authorship in LHC experimental publications:Proposal A:Authors affiliated...

Science4Peace: Restrictions in Science

Wednesday, 22. June 2022

Restrictions in science
Wednesday, 22 June, 17:00-18:30 Dr S. Oeter (Public Law, International Public Law and Comparative Public Law, University Hamburg) will talk about"Legal aspects of publication and...

Science4Peace: Future of Scientific Cooperation

Wednesday, 8. June 2022

Wednesday, 8. June, 17:00 CET  Future of Scientific Cooperation  We have now send our petition to the CERN and DESY directorates, as well as to the CERN council and the CB chairs of the LHC experiments. Since there...

Science4Peace: Peace movement in present times

Wednesday, 25. May 2022

Petition: Peace movement in present times (Wednesday, 25. May, 17:00 CET)

I would like to start a discussion on future scientific cooperation and  if it is enough to follow and agree to the CERN...

Science4Peace: stop the escalation spiral

Wednesday, 11. May 2022

Petition: stop the escalation spiral (Wednesday, 11. May, 17:00 CET)
Discussion on how to further promote petition.
The petition can be signed under 046194The...

Science4Peace: scientific cooperation in different countries

Wednesday, 27. April 2022

Scientific cooperation in different countries (Wednesday, 27. April, 17:00 CET)
We will hear from different countries how scientific cooperation between instituts and scientists is handled.
We can also hear from a very different field, medicine,...

Sanctions and restrictions in science - steps out

Wednesday, 13. April 2022

Discussion on present situation and possible ways out of the escalation spiral

Science4Peace - scientific exchange across borders

Wednesday, 30. March 2022

This is the first meeting of the newly created Science4Peace Forum.
We'll hear informal contributions from
Hannes Jung
Charlotte Warakaulle
John Ellis
Michelangelo Mangano
Goetz Neuneck
Michael Brzoska

Science4Peace seminar of Science & Society Initiative (DESY)

Thursday, 11. November 2021

Science bridging Cultures and Nations (Science4Peace seminar)
International, global scientific research addresses not only key questions in science but also provides successful modes for peaceful cooperation. Global research projects show what...