About Us

We believe that science and scientific cooperation can serve as a promoter for peace

We are scientists, employees and associates working in particle physics at DESY (Hamburg), CERN (Geneva), different universities and research laboratories. Some of us had initiated the Science & Society Initiative at DESY.

At DESY a peace initiative FRIEDA (FRiedens Initiative Einiger DesyAner) was active since the 1980's, a few events can be found here. At CERN the conCERNed club for Humanity was a forum for discussion. In Hamburg, a initiative of scientists Hamburger Natur Wissenschaftler Initiative (HANAWI) was part of the German Scientist for Peace movement.

We were proud of our international contacts and collaborations and we were proud to promote scientific collaboration across the world as a driver for peace. We have worked together with scientists from many different countries, including scientists and good friends from Ukraine as well as from Russia.

We condemn the war against Ukraine very strongly and request that this war must stop immediately. We are shocked about war crimes, and demand an immediate ceasefire.

The Science4Peace Forum was created as a reaction to restrictions on scientific cooperation because of the war to Ukraine.

Contact: Hannes Jung  (see also