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General Inforamtion on the war against Ukraine from ISFH Hamburg:

Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy (ISFH Hamburg)

Peace Report 2022

Naturwissenschaftler Initiative (in German) In February 1988, scientists came together in the "Responsibility for Peace and Sustainability" initiative to use their specific professional skills as part of the peace movement for a world without war and violence, for the control and elimination of nuclear, chemical, biological and conventional weapons systems, for peace and disarmament research and for social, ecological and humane technology design.

Peace Appeals of Nobel Laureates:

Historical: Appeal for Peace - Mainau Declaration of Nobel Laureates (15. July 1955)

Call for Peace of Nobel Laureates (3. March 2022)

Below we list links to petitions and statements from research institutions

Statements from Particle Physics Experiments.

Belle II Response to the Ongoing Russian Invasion of Ukraine (local copy of statement) (8. June 2022)

Statement of research institutions and universities:


Statement of IUPAP (International Union of Pure and Applied Physics) (1. March 2022)

Statement of European Physical Society (3. March 2022)

Statement of EU commissioner M Gabriel (3. March 2022)

Joint Statement of National Academics of G7 (7. March 2022)

Statement of member of International Light Cone Advisory Committee (7. March 2022)

CERN Council resolution (8. March 2022)

CERN council resolution (25. March 2022)

IUPAP resolution regarding international conferences in this time

Use of IUPAP affiliation at conferences

CERN council statement on cooperation with Russia and Belarus (17 June 2022)

CERN Council resolution on Russia (17 June 2022)

CERN Council resolution on Belarus (17 June 2022)


Statement of University Antwerpen (Belgium)

Statement from Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad (in French and Flemish, 10 March 2022)

Statement of Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) (18. March 2022)


Statement of German Research and Education Ministry (25. Feb 2022)

Statement of Alliance of German Science Organisations (25. Feb 2022)

Statement of German Physics Society

Statement of GSI Darmstadt (4 March 2022)

Statement of FZ Juelich (7. March 2022)

DESY sanctions as a response to war against Ukraine (15. March 2022)

Statement of European XFEL on response to war (24. March 2022)

Statement of European Shareholders of FAIR (GmbH) (17. March 2022)

Statement from German Ombutsman Committee (23. March 2022)

Statement of Rector of University Hamburg ( pdf ) ( 31. March 2022)

Measures taken by DESY in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine (4. Aug 2022)


Statement of UK universities (7. April 2022)

Royal Society of Chemistry (25 March 2022)


APS Physics (8. March 2022)

APS Physics (scientific dimensions of Ukraine crisis (25 April 2022)

APS US Restricts Science Collaborations with Russia  (17. June 2022)


Open letter of Russian Scientists (24.Feb 2022)

Friedenslogik stat Kriegslogik (Petition of Naturwissenschaftler Initiative) (26. April 2022)

Members of Novosiibirsk State University  (30 April 2022)

Academic Freedom:

Code of academic freedom Hamburg University (2. Feb 2022)

Proposal by CERN experiments:

Implementation proposals and decision-making procedure for author lists of publications of LHC collaborations(19. Aug 2022)

Military Expenditure:

Trends in World Military Expenditure, 2022 (SIPRI report, April 2023)

Pacifism and Non-violent resistance:

Daza, F. (2022). Ukrainian Nonviolent Civil Resistance in the face of war: Analysis of trends, impacts and challenges of nonviolent action in Ukraine between February and June 2022. ICIP & Novact. Barcelona, 2022. (english, german)

Ukrainian Pacifist Movement:

Violations of human right to conscientious objection to military service in Ukraine: from 2022 to October 2023