Prevent nuclear MADness in Europe!

Saturday, 1. June 2024

In November 2022, the Science4Peace Forum, together with other organizations, has launched an appeal "No First Use, Never Any Use of Nuclear Weapons",...


Thursday, 21. March 2024

On Wikipedia, our statements as scientists against the exclusion are mentioned and our articles are cited:

A Science4Peace initiative: Alleviating the consequences of sanctions in international scientific cooperation

Tuesday, 12. March 2024

The armed invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation has adversely affected the relations between Russia and Western countries. Among...

CERN courier article

Tuesday, 5. March 2024

Science needs cooperation, not exclusion (article in CERN courier 5. March 2024)

Beyond a Year of Sanctions in Science

Tuesday, 7. November 2023

While sanctions in political and economic areas are now part of the standard reper- toire of Western countries (not always endorsed by...

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John Doe

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